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Opinion | Letter: Pass Kidney-care Bill
By Kristi Flynn
May 19, 2020

(Augusta Chronicle) - I have struggled with kidney disease my entire life. I was diagnosed when I was 7, then started dialysis at 25 before finally receiving a kidney transplant in 2018.

Throughout all of this, the role of coordinating care has fallen completely on me, a task I find particularly difficult because I am legally blind. Even within my transplant center, doctors can’t always communicate, and even more frustrating, occasionally change each other’s plans without consulting each other.

With a more streamlined approach to care coordination, a lot of these problems could be relieved. Thankfully, Congress is working on a bill called the BETTER Kidney Care Act right now to address this. It would make it easier for doctors to work alongside each other and make sure their treatments are best for each patient.

By supporting this bill, U.S. Rep. Rick Allen and the rest of Georgia’s members of Congress can show the dialysis community they recognize this issue and want to fix it.

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