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With the COVID-19 pandemic, kidney patients are more at risk now than ever before

We need to urge Congress to pass the Better Kidney Care Act and support integrated care for dialysis patients.


81% of Patients

think improving care coordination is very important

18% of Patients

rarely or never receive help coordinating their care

37M Americans

have Chronic Kidney Disease

726,000 Americans

are on Dialysis or Living with a Kidney Transplant

90% of Adults

with Kidney Disease Who Don’t Know They Have It

Kidney Disease

Remains the Ninth Leading Cause of Death in the US

Learn how the Better Kidney Care Act is new and improved

Learn more about the better kidney care act will Support Efforts to Improve Care Coordination for Patients with ESRD


About Us

Kidney Care Matters is an initiative led by Dialysis Patient Citizens (DPC) to promote better kidney care through care coordination for people with End-Stage Renal Disease. Well-structured care coordination has the potential to provide a more focused, dedicated care management approach that would streamline care, improve health outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.

With more than 28,000 patient members, DPC is working to improve the quality of life for all dialysis patients through education and advocacy. We are a nationwide, non-profit, patient-led organization with membership open only to dialysis and pre-dialysis patients and their families. Our policies and our mission are guided solely by our membership.